Anyone who shops online can benefit OURF by visiting the following websites. These are companies who partner with retail companies that not only give online discounts but assist charitable organizations in their fundraising efforts. They do this by arranging for a percentage of the sales to go to the selected organization. It is an easy way to made a contribution to a worthy cause while you shop for your and your family's needs.

Purchase products through iGive

iGive has partnered with hundreds of well known companies that will give up to 26% of the purchase price to Orang Utan Republik Foundation, which supports OUREI. Most of the companies give less than 26%- but it all adds up. Click on the banner to visit the iGive website.

iGive banner

Purchase magazines through Magfundraising

Popular magazines can be purchased through Magfundraising, another company helping charities raise funds by providing deep discounts on over 650 magazines and giving 40% of the sales to the charity. No inventory is needed and the service is completely free to OUREI and Orang Utan Republik Foundation. If you are looking to purchase a magazine subscription, consider clicking on the banner and help us raise much needed funds.

Magfundraising banner

Purchase Products from OURF’s Queensboro and Café Press stores

You can purchase quality OURF embroidered logo apparel and hats from Queensboro at and silkscreen printed products at Café Press at OURF receives a modest markup on the products so your shopping helps raise funds.