by Sarah Collins

Walking down a dwindling rope

Falling free of luck

Wishing time would ease its grasp

Depriving me of hope

This world we live in is a tough place to be

All can perish from you and me

The drowning of dreams

The epitome of terror

All in the hands of our human error

But what is set before us

Can always retract

Simply think before you act

And the world will prosper

Standing up tall

To all people and creatures

 Enormous and small

This is a poem that I wrote while having the orangutans, as well as rainforest and the environment, in mind.

The orangutans need our help, and there are many ways we can do this. These include writing letters to the Indonesian consulate about your concern, signing the online petition on our website, or simply telling a friend about the orangutans' situation.  Inform yourself about products with unsustainable palm oil, recycle, turn off lights, and anything else you can think of to slow our climate crisis.

If everyone does their part, whether it be large or small acts, the orangutans, environment- and world, can be a better place for all creatures. 

Kids are the future, so it's important we all get involved.  I managed to get my school's video broadcast station to put in a package about Orangutan Caring Week. The link is and the episode is PV verses Pen 2009. It's not very extensive, but briefly informs viewers about the orangutans.

Sarah Collins is OUREI's Youth Ambassador. If you have a comment for Sarah or would like to get more involved, send OUREI an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.