oureiismalllogoThe Orang Utan Republik Education Initiative Indonesia (OUREI Indonesia) was formally established as an Indonesian NGO in mid-2007 to provide OUREI (now OURF) with a legal mechanism to conduct its mission in Indonesia. The Indonesian government required all existing organisations in Indonesia to reapply as legitimate NGOs according to recent changes in non-profit law and regulations. OUREI Indonesia was able to establish itself under these new regulations. 

OUREI Indonesia provides the administrative and management function for OURF in Indonesia to insure control and oversight in funding projects carried out by the Orangutan Caring Clubs of Indonesia, the field action branch of the OURF family. 

OUREI Indonesia seeks to partner with other organizations and businesses to further the joint mission of orangutan survival through education. OUREI Indonesia has worked with the European Union, USAID, and numerous conservation and orangutan organizations in Jakarta to promote various events including Orangutan Caring Week. To promote awareness of orangutans at the national level, OUREI Indonesia has held a variety of activities including national art and essay contests as well as providing logistical support to OUREI during the filming of two documentaries and public service announcements.